Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: About the NCSPCA

Q: Is the NCSPCA an official government agency?
A:No, the NCSPCA is a Not-For-Profit with the special authority to enforce NYS Agriculture & Markets Law, and all other state and local humane laws. We are the only animal protection agency officially designated to operate within the county's borders. The NCSPCA depends wholly on your donations to fulfill its mission.
Q:What enforcement authority does the NCSPCA have?
A: The NCSPCA is specifically authorized to uphold and enforce the state Agriculture & Markets Law, and all other state and local humane laws. This designation is due to a special act of state legislation awarding law enforcement status to NCSPCA officers.
Q:What is the job of your officers and investigators?
A:The NCSPCA investigates allegations of cruelty and endangerment toward animals, and prosecutes any individual involved in such crimes.

FAQ: About Pet Care

Q:Where can I locate a low-cost spay and neuter clinic?
A:Pet parents can contact their local SPCA at 516-781-2052, PAWS in Hicksville at 516-364-PAWS (7297), the Humane Society, a veterinarian or call 1-800-248-SPAY to locate a low-cost spay and neuter clinic in your area. Also, look up spay and neuter clinics at
Q:Do I need pet health insurance?
A:Affordable Pet Health Insurance Plans mean you won't ever have to sacrifice the health and happiness of your pet because of financial limitations. It is not a requirement but there are many reputable companies that offer it. The younger your pet is the lower the cost of most plans.

FAQ: About How I Can Help

Q:How are donations used?
A:The NCSPCA is a volunteer-run organization. All donations are used to maintain the organization and its services, and promote the well-being of the animals we rescue.
Q:How can I make a donation?
A:You can make a donation by phone, mail or conveniently online. Simply click the "Donate Now!" button to make a donation.
Q:How can I report abuse?
A: Report abuse by contacting the NCSPCA at 516-THE-SPCA (843-7722), email or use our online form
Q:How can I adopt an animal?
A:To find some adorable and adoptable pet and get more information go to the NCSPCA Adoption page.
Q:I don't have time to care for a pet, how else can I help?
A:There are lots of ways to help your furry friends. Become a monthly donor or volunteer for the NCSPCA. Look for more suggestions on the Get Involved page.