Romeo and Damian



Who Would be so Cruel to Severely Neglect their Pet Dogs?


Found starved, Romeo and Damian are going to need extensive veterinary care including possible surgery, the Nassau County SPCA is asking the public for help


On May 11, the Nassau County SPCA responded to a call reporting apparent severe animal abuse. Romeo and Damian were immediately taken to an animal hospital where they were admitted for initial stabilization and supportive care. The Nassau County SPCA veterinarian's evaluation found both to be underweight - emaciated with ribs, spine, and hips showing, muscle wasting, dehydrated with sunken eyes and poor skin turgor. Romeo had metallic foreign bodies in his stomach, which will likely need to be removed to prevent life threatening complications. Their owners were arrested and charged with animal cruelty.


We are asking the public and animal lovers to help us in our efforts to raise funds for the needed surgeries and care that these poor dogs face. More importantly, for these sweet dogs, we have to find a loving home. If you are interested in giving Romeo and Damian a loving home please email adopt@ncspca.us


If you would like to help with their care and stop animal cruelty please *



Thank you!