It’s easy to get involved at the Nassau County SPCA. You don’t need to be an animal expert, in fact, no matter what you are good at, you’re bound to have skills that we need.


    • Time and Attention — Animals need love, attention and playtime to keep them as content as possible despite the stress of being without a home. Socializing is an important aspect for the well-being of every domestic animal. Volunteers are also needed for dog walking and cage cleaning.
    • Training — Volunteers also accompany animals to obedience school. More involved volunteers get advanced instruction in how to train animals, evaluate temperament and match dogs with adoption families.
    • Pro Bono Professional Services — The Society also needs volunteers with professional skills. Medical and legal services, accounting, marketing, and other functions typically handled by business employees need to be performed by volunteers at the shelter.
    • Donations From Local Businesses — Pet food and supplies, treats, toys, leashes, identification tags, etc. Many pet owners need help providing these things for their pets but do not want to be able to provide a good home.
    • Fundraisers — There are many other ways to support the NC SPCA. Fundraisers and social events are great ways to have fun while raising money for an invaluable cause.


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