Suffered a series of unlicensed surgeries that left her earless, mutilated and severely infected. Reginald Smith’ a veterinary aid, likely cut off Miss Harper’s ears with a pair of scissors. One of Miss Harper’s legs became necrotic from lack of circulation and her owners took the dog back to Smith to remove the limb – an operation he also botched.

Miss Harper was able to overcome all of her injuries. Miss Harper’s story inspired the Nassau County SPCA online registry for convicted animal abusers.

Gigi suffered severe neglect, being low in body weight, deprived of basic veterinary, hygienic and dental care. Her teeth were badly rotted and many were falling out. Her nails were long and twisted, making it difficult for her to walk. Her fur was so badly matted that her collar had to be cut off.

Her owner was arrested and charged with animal cruelty.


Terry was dropped off by an unknown individual at the Five Towns Animal Hospital. The dog was found to be severely emaciated and too weak to hold her head up. She was about 20 pounds underweight, with open sores on her back and clearly starved and neglected. Terry was later transported to the New York Veterinary Specialty Center for additional treatment, where she later succumbed to renal and kidney failure.

A Long Island man dubbed “bird man” by neighbors was taken to the hospital and his home condemned after authorities found nearly 350 pigeons inside the home. The homeowner had been living for years in more than two feet of bird droppings across all the floors inside the house without running water. The conditions of the home were some of the worst Nassau County SPCA has ever seen. Most, if not all, of the birds were born and raised inside the home and will finally be able to breath in fresh air.

Detectives found Romeo and Damien starved in a basement. Father and son deprived their two dogs of food and water. Both dogs were dehydrated, and emaciated with ribs, spine and hips showing. A veterinarian found both to be underweight, and Romeo had metallic items in his stomach, most likely trying to eat whatever he could find. Both men were arrested and charged with failure to provide proper sustenance.

Bella, an 11 year-old family dog, was brutally beaten with a shovel. Neighbors saw 56 year-old Michael Gallagher put the zip tie around Bella’s neck before putting her into the garbage bag, which he beat with the shovel as neighbors desperately called 911. Bella was taken to a nearby animal hospital for treatment, but her injuries were too extensive. Gallagher was charged with aggravated cruelty to animals and torturing or injuring animals.

Twenty-nine cats were rescued from deplorable conditions. The cats were living in a home without power  and covered in urine and feces covering every inch. The cats all required medical attention, many were flea infested and suffering from upper respiratory issues.

More than 400 animals were removed from a squalid home. The Nassau County SPCA says the rescue – dubbed “Operation Noah’s Ark” – lasted eight hours. The raid came after neighbors complained about the noise and smell from one of their neighbors homes. The stench was so bad, investigators put on hazmat suits to enter the house. Animals were living in filthy water and had no access to food or drinking water.

The home contained a free-roaming skunk, turtles in slimy water and bird cages filled with feces. More than 250 birds and over 150 turtles were seized along with four reptiles and a dozen mammals, including rabbits, chinchillas, sugar gliders, and prairie dogs.

More than 100 snakes, alligators and turtles were found in a home in Nassau County. They were found all over the house – inside and outside – in tanks, crates and plastic containers. The reptiles were deprived of food, water and proper habitat. Some of the reptiles are illegal to own and put the community and its pets at risk.

Kona and her 8 pups were found locked in a sweltering trailer of a pickup truck. Kona’s owner was using her to breed puppies for purpose of dog-fighting. Luckily the pups were discovered in early training stages and had not been fully exposed to dog-fighting.

If it weren’t the Nassau County SPCA, these dogs would have endured a lifetime of abuse and suffering. Mom and pups all found loving forever homes.

Forty-five dogs were found in uninhabitable conditions. The dogs were covered in feces, urine and were flea-infested. Conditions were so poor that a hazmat team assisted the Nassau County SPCA in removing the animals from the home. The elderly woman living there was taken to a local hospital for evaluation and the building was condemned.


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